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Phil Tittle is a singer-songwriter based out of central Wisconsin. His decades long journey taking him to the shores of Lake Michigan is every bit evocative and compelling as the blues, southern rock, and country music he listened to growing up in rural Georgia. His music is reflective of the artists who shaped his own sound and playing. Artists like Tom Petty, Greg Allman, Waylon Jennings, or Jackson Brown who seamlessly weave a great story through the firmly embedded pocket of a low rumbling guitar groove.  

 Phil joined the US Air Force immediately after high school and spent a 20-year career traveling the globe, often with an old acoustic guitar at his side. He discovered music’s ability to breakdown cultural and communication barriers, but more importantly gave him an outlet to put words and melody to the often breathtaking, occasionally heartbreaking world we all share. He will be the first to tell you his time in the military was the classroom where he learned we are all more alike than we might believe, regardless of where we came from or where we are going. We all have a story to tell and Phil loves capturing that story.

 After retiring from the Air Force, Phil began to focus on music more deliberately in numerous capacities. He opened and operated a music school where he taught guitar and songwriting for several years. He cashed in his GI Bill to obtain certifications from Berkley School of Music for songwriting and guitar, and even started a local chapter of the internationally recognized nonprofit Guitars for Vets, helping veterans with PTSD by teaching them to play guitar. Years of playing throughout the southeastern US as both a solo act and with various bands has helped him develop the sound and voice he now calls his own. His music easily maneuvers between Indie Roots Rock punctuated with tasteful guitar riffs invoking early Tom Petty or Bob Seger to stripped back troubadour voicings reminiscent of Dylan, Jackson Brown and current songwriting powerhouse Jason Isbell.   

 These days he splits his time as a certified Life/Career coach and a performing musician. He travels around the Midwest region playing breweries, cafes, and the occasional festival. He was first runner up in the United Way of Florida Panhandle’s “Rock United” singing contest and has placed in the Top 10 for songwriting at the 3rd Street Songwriters’ Festival headlined by hit songwriter Jeffrey Steele. He recently finished recording a handful of singles at Nashville’s world-famous Sound Kitchen recording studios where he was accompanied by some of Nashville’s finest session musicians and Grammy and Dove nominated producer, Billy Smiley.

"He’s talented and professional and honestly has been quite a pleasure to work with [for the past 3 years]. He’s always on time and will stay late if the clientele is still purchasing from the cafe or bar. Top notch artist all the way around!" - Cole Huffer, Owner/operator Enlightened Studios (Fort Walton Beach, FL) 

"Phil did a great job playing background music at our library celebration event. We just needed some light music going in the background while people mingled and events were happening. I would recommend Phil for other social events where you need some music to enhance your activities!” - Linda, Director, Cedarburg Public Library 



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