"He’s talented and professional and honestly has been quite a pleasure to work with [for the past 3 years]. He’s always on time and will stay late if the clientele is still purchasing from the cafe or bar. Top notch artist all the way around!" ” - Cole Huffer, Owner/operator Enlightened Studios (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

Phil Tittle


Phil Tittle is a singer-songwriter based out of Port Washington, Wisconsin. He grew up in rural Georgia and left home soon after high school determined to find purpose and adventure with the US Air Force. He spent two decades traveling the world, watching, listening, and writing about his experiences with an old acoustic guitar never far from reach. He retired from active duty in 2008 and now spends his time as a certified professional life coach, helping others learn the beauty of who they are and finding their own unique calling. He frequently travels the country playing pubs, diners, cafes, and songwriter festivals to share the stories he’s recorded over the years. He sits comfortably in a studio loft overlooking Lake Michigan, still watching, listening, and learning…his guitar never far from reach waiting to write that next great story.

Press photos

Commodore Grill, Nashville TN

Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival, Gatlinburg TN

The Peoples Room, Mobile AL