The Truth in Me
Words and music by Phil Tittle ©

I’m a thousand miles from where you are with almost as many years
So how come I feel your breath brushing gently across my cheek
when I’m fighting through all these fears
I don’t know if it’s the wonder tangled up in mystery
But you opened up a door I locked so damn long ago
that brings out the truth in me

I wonder where I’d be these days without you
probably locked away with all my dreams
But you showed me how it looks to dig a little deeper
And that made all the difference so it seems
Maybe you’re the gift that I was given to set my purpose free
So I’ll resolve to hear your call into the place where I belong
That brings out the truth in me

You’re a raging river in a single drop of rain
A flower in full bloom on the high desert plain
A gentle breeze that paints my lips with the beauty of your name
You’re snow on springtime roses like an ancient tapestry
and you bring out the truth in me

I suppose you’re an answer to some question I forgot I asked so long ago
Maybe I don’t want to know the answer if it means I have to let you go
Perhaps there is no higher reason
Chance is how it came to be
But when the world stops turning I know I’ll land right where I belong
‘cause you brought out the truth in me