1. Broken


Words and music by Phil Tittle ©

I want to scream your name from the highest mountain
But I can barely push the sound coming off my lips
I want to run just to find you in the distance
But every step I take precedes my next slip
So I drop down on my knees where I turn my prayers to pleas
Can you hear the words I’ve left unspoken
Please find a way to use me if I’m broken

I’ve always tried to be the man I thought you needed
But it seems the story always stays the same
I hear your call and I brace myself for coming glory
But when I arrive I soon forget why I came
So I try and try again to cover up my latest sin
Where I cry myself to sleep just hoping
You can still use me if I’m broken

I know I’m a man whose had my share of second chances
But finds a way to fail in the best of circumstances
If I’m a diamond in the rough then please I’ve had enough
I’ve got nothing left but my heart’s open
Please find a way to use me if I’m broken

Maybe I’ve been cast aside with all these feelings
Left standing in this barren desert all alone
I’ve given up on trying to find some righteous reason
So if you’re through with me could you just bring me home
Then I close my eyes to pray and I hear you gently say
you’ve reached a place to set my plan in motion
I can’t fix the man until he knows that he’s broken