House of the Rising "Son"
Music is Public Domain
Words by Phil Tittle ©

There is a house my Father built
It's free from brick and stone
the doors are hinged on a frame of grace
'cause its built with blood and bone

My path is frought with danger
and my guide remains unseen
I travel through the mud and muck
Yet I know that I'll still finish clean

Oh Father can you hear me
When the words won't seem to come
My heart cries out for a sign from above
and relief from the damage I've done


I got one hand on the silver
and one foot is in the grave
but your love was a gift of atonement
when you made the master a slave

So brother can you hear me
will you call my name in praise
'cause I'll follow you to the garden
to live out my eternal days

There is a house my Father built
and it's called the rising Son
and it's been the refuge for many a poor soul
and God I know I'm one