Alonzo and the King
Words and Music by Phil Tittle ©

I tucked my chin below my scarf
and from the corner of my eye
I caught the gaze of a homeless man
seeking shelter from a dark winter sky
I shoved a few bucks into his weathered palm
because I wasn't sure what to say
with gratitude in his warm brown eyes
he asked if I would sit and stay

He said my name's Alonzo
then he asked me if I knew his king
nodding at an old worn bible
I wondered who was suffering
Over black coffee and worn yellow pages
I heard the greatest story of our time
the more I learned about Alonzo
the more this kept running through my mind

would you intercede or help another man in need
I'll be you didn't know

Angels walk among us
Usually we're unaware
their wings don't show
no bright halo
but if you look you'll find them everywhere
You might think they're wanting
They're really just offering prayer
Angels walk among us
If you look you'll find them everywhere

Verse 3
The minutes had turned to hours
and I knew our time was at an end
he must've known what I was thinking
cause he smiled and said we'd meet again
He asked if we could close our eyes to pray
somehow I already knew
when I opened my eyes I was all alone
with an old bible opened to Hebrews 13:2

Pre Chorus