Devil in the Sand
Words and Music by Phil Tittle ©

Verse 1
We set out in the twenties to make our living on the plains
But when the dirty thirties hit us we were praying for the rains
Mama's looking in her bible cause it’s all she understands
but all I see’s an empty field
and Devils dancing in the sand

Verse 2
The days grew dark and arid like the spaces in my soul
and the drying dying fields in this Godforsaken bowl
the neighbors took to leaving on their way to western lands
but we were poor and left behind
with the devils dancing in the sand

The pale blue sky turned black and grey
Never knowing night from break of day
There's more going in than coming out of the ground
Mama's rocker keepin' time to the devils dancing all around

the months stretched into years and it seemed our fates were sealed
all the weary teary faces the only moisture for these fields
Preacher man said its folly to question what the Lord commands
so we bow our heads and wait our turn
with the devils dancing in the sand