1. 17


Words and Music by Phil Tittle ©
You said you’d gone and built yourself a fortress
and nobody was ever getting in
Well, I guess by now you’ve got your reasons
You’ve been fighting battles since I don’t know when
and I know it seems the safest place to be
but standing up in battle that sets you free

You probably think your story’s somehow different
‘and nobody else has fought your war
But let me be the first to finally tell you
It’s because they fought their battle on different shores
I know you think the battle’s just begun
But girl the war is over and you’ve already won

Go ahead and raise your victory banner
Let em’ get a look at their new queen
Because the woman the world will fall in love with
Isn’t the girl in the mirror
looking back at you from seventeen

Nothing in your past defines your future
Any more than night defines the day
A tree won’t stop reaching for the skyline
Just because its leaves have fallen away
But if you could see the light that shines inside of you
You’d lift your head to the heavens and see it from my point of view